Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mini Jake.

This photo says everything I want to say. But I'll still say it. She is wearing a very beautiful crown of plain white paper stapled together in the back with foam Spongebob stickers all over it. Made by Dad. She is holding a Goldfish cracker that she probably ate in place of 'dinner'. Authorization to skip dinner given by Dad. She has chocolate pudding smeared on her cheeks (she likes to wipe her face with the back of her hand after each bite). Chocolate pudding served by Dad. She is wearing a white T-shirt with chocolate pudding dripped all over it. Mess overlooked by Dad. Her shirt says, "My Dad Rules". Purchased at Old Navy by, none other than, Dad.
Gracie and Jakie have many things in common.
1. A disdain for being told what to do
2. Sugar addiction
3. Healthy enthusiasm for ToysRUs and the 20 minute drive it takes to travel there
4. Love for the snow, no matter the temperature outside
5. Tantrums
6. Kicking things when angry
7. Making funny faces during not-so-funny moments (when I'm mad)
There you have it. Nothing but a Daddy's girl (a mommy's girl most of the day, but a Daddy's girl when it counts!!).


Emily said...

She even looks like Jake. Dang girl! Your girls are BEAUTIFUL! Finals will be over next week. You have time to play for a bit? I love reading your stuff. You inspire me, make me laugh and I miss you.

Anonymous said...

the sweetest face to ever grace this family.

Grama Mary said...

I would like to set the record straight. Because of a broken camera, I was not able to take shots of Sarah, sitting there at the table, corrupted by HER dad, huge grin on HER face. The only thing is that Sarah was so busy enjoying Hannah's tantrums that she didn't bother to throw any herself. Jake, I am sure, suffers from the "Loving and joyful Father" syndrome, of which our family is well aquainted. Perhaps genetics are involved as well! One thing in common with mom for sure--a sweet and gorgeous face.

Kasey said...

She is too cute! Jake sounds like a great dad. How come dads get away with spoiling their kids so much? If us moms did that all the time, we would be considered horrible moms! Oh well. The connection between dads and their kids are so cute that it doesn't even bother me. Spoil away!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness! I have been out of town and am just catching up on my blog reading when lo and behold I read your brother has been called to the Atlanta Georgia Mission!!! I about fell out of my chair! That is where we live. He will love it here! Tell him to write this name down because he will hear it when he comes to Georgia...the Griffin Ward. That is our ward and my husband is the Bishop. We have an amazing ward mission leader and have a reputation of sorts in the mission field because of the exraordinary member missionaries. It is also where they send ALOT of greenies. We have an incredible ward. Wouldn't it be too cool if he ended up serving in our ward! How small is the world? Anyway, I know you must be extremely proud of him!