Monday, October 30, 2006


It snowed last week. I am wearing a comfy sweatshirt and LOVING that the girls are in bed. This last weekend we had 17 people sleeping in our house. Jake's brother, Levi, got married on Saturday. Every one of the Smylies were in attendance and we all love eachother so much. No one escaped a tear when everyone parted ways on Sunday morning, headed for the airport and some for the open road. I also read some blogs about how fast time goes, how much we cherish our little ones and how we miss them terribly as they grow up and move out on their own. I dread that day... When I watch our parents go through separation anxiety quite often, I realize that it never gets better. The love of a family is so intense and it never subsides.
How can I saturate myself with my girls so that it won't be so hard? Is there a way?
I had the best childhood. I loved being a little girl and I loved growing up in a big family and I loved summers, winters, rain, sun, the beach, and the ever-present smell of mold that pervades every car and house on the northwest coast. I can hear in my mind right now the hum of voices and excitement that happened when all of us were living at home. There was always someone shouting out, or singing, or making messes.
Now, onto grown-up life, I am raising my own girls. It's an amazing experience. One that constantly challenges me and makes days go by really fast and really slow. I can't believe what little blessings my babies are. They're perfect.
Good luck this week, to everyone who reads my blog, and I hope we can hug and kiss our babies a little more often.


maren out my laundry said...

Wow you are such a beautiful writer! I cannot get over it! I need to tell you what is going on in my life and you can post it on my blog, LOL
Glad you guys had a good weekend despite that you missed our Halloween party ;) We need to do something as couples also before you move.
You are the sweetest woman, I'm sorry every time we see eachother we don't seem to really get to sit down and talk to eachother. You have such beautiful girls, I couldn't help but laugh today when little Ruby was running away from you, she just looked so adorable toddling away in her cute little puffy coat. I need someone around like you more, to keep me reflecting and uplifted. You are wonderful. Thanks for being my friend.

Jen said...

This is such a sweet blog. And very true. I think our realtionships with our children just get sweeter as they grow. It is hard because they are not as dependent on us and that can be tough for us moms...but it is fun seeing life through their eyes and helping them be what they are destined to become.

Pam said...

Great blog, as usual. You are a gifted writer.