Friday, October 13, 2006

Laurel came into town for a visit. How did it take like 15 minutes for us to meet in 6th grade, graduate from high school, tackle college, get married and have two kids? I wish we lived closer, she is a sister to me. On top is a photo of my Grace and her Alex doing "". We plan to force them into best-friendship before they get to kindergarten.
In other news, I passed my big fat State Real Estate Exam today. It's different than the exam I passed last week. Today's was the big dog. So I get to send in my paperwork and I get my license in the mail and then it's onto whatever's next. "What's next"? I don't know. It's the never-ending question.
It feels so weird to be a mom sometimes. I am a 27-yr old female with a healthy memory, no gray hairs, not too many wrinkles... but being a mom puts me in an entirely different bracket. It's like I've been packaged with a "homely" label and sort of put in a special area for moms. We're essential. But we're a non-make-upped, pony-tailed, non-stylish wasteland of a tired, stressed out face, and we all start looking the same to everyone. I wish it wasn't true, but someone's got to say it. Today I can say it.
The worst part is the ghastly way society treats you. I have spent hours on the phone with professionals lately, particularly since August. I have had to get a few home loans and have worked with several male loan officers, realtors, bankers, the list goes on and on. They shelve me. I'm the 'stay at home mom' or the 'angry wife' and they roll their egocentric eyes at me before I utter my second sentence. I guarantee one thing: when they've had a bad day at the mortgage firm, the first person they call is their wife or their mother. We are essential, beautiful, fiery, intelligent, composed, well-spoken and under-appreciated. All of us.
I will write more when I have calmed down...
I hope all of you have had a great week. Here's to another one.


Jeni said...

Wow, those two look like a little Sarah and a little Laurel.

Kasey said...

I agree! They look just like you too. That is way too cute! Congratulations on passing your Real Estate Exam. That's awesome. Good luck with the next step!
Some of the girls in school with my husband refer to stay-at-home moms the SAME way. However, they add one more step...apparently, we don't brush our teeth either!

Kelly said...

I just saw Alex in primary today. I can't believe how identical she is to Laurel.

Congrats on passing the exam. Have you sold your investment house yet?

Sarah said...

We haven't sold it yet, but we're pretty firm on the price, so we're willing to be patient. We just so happen to be selling our house in the worst quarter of 2006 and the spring will be even worse, so that's annoying, but we'll see what happens. I will let you know as soon as it sells because I will be so happy!!!

Naomi Medley said...

oh my gosh sarah! that picture is just little sarah and laurel!! good lokkin mothers make good lookin kids!! love ya

Anonymous said...

Amen sistah, amen! Those last two paragraphs...ughh, A-yea-yea-men (that's all I can say right now for some reason)!

And....CONGRATULATIONS on passing your, as you say it, 'Big-dog' test!