Thursday, August 10, 2006

This country, this world.

I am saddened. I can't believe this world we live in! Terrorists suspend the entire world in fear. Every day. 10 flights were planned to be bombed mid-flight, blowing up into pieces over the ocean. How could anyone even THINK of doing this? A lot of people I know, including myself, are taking flights this month and these horrible things ruin quality of life for everyone.
There have always been groups of people that are grievously inhumane. Throughout all of history. We were watching a documentary on Auswitz and I cried thinking of the children, and others that died in the death camps under Hitler's regime. But these things are STILL happening. They are much scarier when they happen in my own life span. I watch them happen. I search for things that are lighter- and I find them, but my mind always comes back to these horrible threats that are REAL. So real.
My children are growing up in this world and I hope their happiness is not overshadowed by increasing fear. Where is the humanity? The world is a big place, I certainly hope we can help each other.
Also, is anyone else as concerned as I am about the absolute chaos and destruction in the middle east? I mean, first our involvement in Iraq which isn't exactly prevailing... and then Israel unleashing wrath on Lebanon which isn't exactly 'just the beginning'... it can only end in shocking proportions. Then we've got our genius of a president who likes to use "sh" words to explain Lebanon's plight. And get taped saying it. Makes me want to cry.. then punch him in the nose.
It is so hard to worry about cooking dinner, cleaning my house, and going to appointments, when I feel like I should get my food supply, hunker down, and wait for things to clear up.


Kelly said...

Signs of the times. The worst part is that our kids have this to grow up to. Lindsey is taking a flight here in two weeks, from London were it all took place, and I worry about her. You just never know. I can't believe the details that went into trying to make this terrorist attack. It's scary. I am just so grateful that the people were caught.

Jeni said...

It is a scary world. I lose sleep over it. I worry about my family living all over the country and travelling. I don't travel, unless by car. Luckily I can't afford it. I worry about my children. Now the Jon Benet case is in the news again and I check on my children all night long and think about all the sickos out there and pray for the ability to protect them. Then I go to church and am reminded of the bigger picture and relax for three hours and then come home and it all starts over. Vicious cycle. At least we have outlets like blogs to vent with other moms.