Sunday, August 27, 2006


Above is our attempt at 'ragging'. I wanted to texture the paint so badly, but it turns out my talents are in other areas... like...walking. Definitely not good at ragging. We decided to roll it on as a solid color this time around. Jake took a picture of it before we fixed it because we were laughing so hard. Mostly, after he dubbed the room "jungle fever" were both of us dying with laughter.
Jake hates to paint. I love it more than a pedicure. I took forever to pick out these colors, and I love how they turned out. We have no curtains, wall hangings or cool furniture, but we have PAINT.
The yellow bay window is my favorite! It makes me feel like I'm having breakfast at Martha Stewart's place, know what I mean?
The brown's a bit... brown... but it looks better in natural light and it warms the room so much.
My friend Lisa posted her paint job and it really made me want to post mine, since it's such a big deal to us!!! Our first real decorative job (the cinder block 'green' that we did at the University apartments a few years ago does NOT count).


Sam and Lisa said...

I really like that yellow! Your dining room looks like it should be in a, love, love it! Good painting job. Seriously have to agree with you about the'jungle fever' room, rolling is way easier and quicker.
Glad to see we are on the same decorating page.

Laura Ayers said...

Sarah- You guys are awesome! You have done so much since we've last talked! Your house looks BEAUTIFUL! We just painted our kitchen yellow too! Funny! We need to come visit you guys at your new house. We're so happy for you! :)

Kelly said...

I love your colors. Once again I am longing for my own walls to paint. I love the yellow and your table is really cute!

Lindsey Eden said...

Oh my! Is that really my house? It looks so amazing Sarah! I LOVE the yellow bay.. it's so inviting.

Celeste Pearson said...

Sarah I love the colors you chose! Especially the yellow!! It bightened that room up so much! I need your help in my house!