Monday, August 21, 2006

Mr. Energy

Pictures from our trip to Florida are coming soon...
Just a funny story.
We got back from FL and the day after (Saturday), I went to Real Estate School for a few hours. Upon returning home I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jake had fed the girls both breakfast AND lunch, Ruby was down for her afternoon nap, he had taken the girls on several errands including Toys 'r us and Home Depot, and the house seemed to be in pretty good shape. I commented on his great energy level and attitude and also on the fact that he had gotten so many things done (which is normal in a woman's typical day, but men aren't quite as used to multitasking with screaming children).
After Ruby woke up from her nap he kept over-achieving and surprised me on several occasions. We went shopping for paint at Lowe's later in the evening and he seemed so eager to help calm the kids down and had abundant enthusiasm for the bedtime routine.
We got into bed after a long day of activities and Jake mentioned he had trouble going to sleep. I asked him, "you have done so much today, I can't imagine why you wouldn't be exhausted right now!" He had a momentary puzzled look on his face, then clear understanding as he said, "well I did have two energy drinks and a Dr. Pepper today".
I laughed so hard. He is such a great husband, but we all know that Moms are used to this kind of chaos and Dads are usually surprised at how much energy it takes to shop w/kids.
I can just picture him on his first errand of the day thinking, "I better have some caffeine or I'll go down in a flaming ball of impatience and stress".
So funny.


Kelly said...

Hilarious story! Jake is so funny. I will never forget our fun night when we drank energy drinks. I should have given Jody that tip when I left him with the kids. But he suprisingly did very well!

Debbi said...

Sarah! This story makes me laugh anytime I see someone with an energy drink! I LOVE IT! I have to say it's amoung the top stories I've ever heard about Dad's when left alone with their kids. I am jealous of your cute house and your girls are soo big! Where in Lehi is your house? It looks like it's in the neighborhood that Wade's brother lives in.