Monday, August 28, 2006

Friendly love.

Grace and Haley. She is a friend who is the same size as Grace. They are both really tall and big for their age and their arms and legs are nice and squeezable. They are cute together because their coloring is so different.


Kelly said...

Adorable! My mom and I can not get over how strikingly beautiful Grace is! You really need to get her into modeling or something. Ruby is adorable too. She looks a lot like your family.

Naomi Medley said...

She just keeps getting more beautiful. You girls are the best. take good care of my nieces!! love ya

Lindsey said...

I haven't had much time to blog or read blogs lately, but it was so much fun catching up on your's. Um, I love how your camera takes pics. What kind is it? I think we might invest in one...mine isn't too hot.

p.s. love your girls!