Thursday, March 05, 2015

So I asked my neighbor Monica to trim Lillie and Tada's hair while we took Ruby out on her birthday date (by the way, she turned 10!!).

I picked them up and got home... all the girls were just brushing their teeth, getting ready for bed, etc.... I was washing the dishes while Jake talked to me about the day and birthday girl.

I finally went upstairs to get changed into my jammies and noticed some hair in the trash can of the bathroom! I found out that Lillie cut Tada's hair! I was mad and confronted Lillie and sort of let it go.

This morning when I woke up Tada I brought it back up and said, "Tada why did you let Lillie cut your hair??"

She said, "I didn't want her to!"

I said, "why didn't you run away??"

She said, "Cause I was going potty!"

I was dying laughing at this point because I realized Lillie cut Tada's hair while Tada was sitting on the pot!

Funniest story ever! I was laughing so hard. What perfect, nutty little girls! Love them. Despite the bad haircuts!

xo Mama