Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Last night when I was reading with Lillie for her homework, she said "I LOVE reading!!!". I nearly died. It has been a long road with her during kindergarten and combating her stubbornness and disdain for sounding out words. It is the first time she has ever said that.

I have so much hope for that little thing. I'm so happy for her!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

After the 4th day of Miriam's visit, she just went up to bed and I wanted to catch up here. Her and her girls have been an absolute joy here. I cannot delve completely into how much I love them and what it means to me that they're here. It changes our lives and helps the girls connect with family in a real way. I love it!!!!

I sat down to write and Ruby's 4th grade binder sat open right next to me. She writes herself notes on the cover that say "check led in outside pocket!!!!" and "new pens in outside pocket/your pencil!!!". She is trying to be organized and it is so incredibly adorable. I could die!

Grace is such a preteen. Like, a little black skirt and a tank top that says "I need candy" that she wore to showcase. I just can't believe how big she's getting!

Today it was so so hot. BOILING. There is no air conditioning in many places here on the cali coast so we just sit and overheat. We at least go to the community pool to cool down around dinner time. Tonight as an added treat, we had pizza delivered to the pool so I didn't have to cook dinner!

We facetimed Nana and Papa in Australia. Just me and Grace and Ruby. It was nice to have some time to have them catch up w the older girls.

All the girls are in dance now.. my dream! They are learning ballet and Lillie is learning hip hop. I'm lucky we aren't loaded with money because if we were I would put them in everything! Soccer, art, guitar, cello, piano.... I would be driving them everywhere every day! It's so fun to watch them pursue their interests.

It's fascinating to me writing with no audience because I don't care what I sound like and I don't second-guess how I may "come off" to my readers. There simply are none.


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Where do I begin...

Today I picked up a journal I purchased for Tada when she was a baby. Picked it up, dusted it off, and wrote 3 lines. The second entry in four years. After I eeked out a few interesting things, Tada came running in needing help finding baby doll clothes. I caved because it's just her and I now and I am having the happiest days with her. Enjoying this phase of motherhood so much. But I am very, very behind on documenting.

Some things I want to remember:

I bought Tada a ballet outfit today at Target. All pink. She starts tomorrow! I am just loving this. She loved her outfit and said "Oh my gosh mom I love my ballet outfit so much, I am gonna SCWEAM when I get dare!!!!". I mean.. seriously.

Lillie yesterday said that she saw her crush at lunch time. His name is Ryston. She is only in first grade but is highly capable of falling hard in love! She said he's "hot man!" and "Oh baby he's hot!". She is so cute.. little eyeroll as she talks about her little love. I can't get enough.

Grace started middle school this year and the other day she said she wanted a boyfriend. That she thinks it would be cool! I nearly had a heart attack. Jake said, Uh, you wanna kiss someone? And she was all disgusted and said no, ha ha.

I am so happy here in Carlsbad. I feel like we've finally found our little spot. I love my friends and love our little routine. I'm in a bubble here and hardly ever leave south Carlsbad for any reason! :) Meanwhile, Jake is working really hard everywhere. He is starting to get a little business online which I'm really happy about. He is too! He's a rad surfer and goes all the time. He kicks ass. He is so in shape and has so much energy.

:):):):) Until next time.