Thursday, February 23, 2012

Evolution of a Holiday.

 Colors of the laundry.

 Paper bag puppets.

 Tadd having a quick nappy.

Playing well together for a minute. 

Lillie becoming one of the older girls. 

Ponies left all alone (at least they have each other). 

Sad about something. 

A pink milk fix. 

Perpetual mess. 

Beauty, 8 years old. 

Ruby reading in Lillie's bed. 4-girl separation/quiet time punishment for fighting. 

Punishment served, eventually earned Lego Star Wars time with young spectators. 

Lill's window hair. 

It's nice to have a photo documentary of a bit of our day on Monday. Will these girls look back on this time? Will they treasure it? Will they only have the memories they can't exactly remember, but they can only feel? I have some of those kind.

I come up for air and see all that I have. Recognize it, appreciate it. Squeeze in talks with each of them here and there. Try so hard to listen and put away my lists, my phone, my chores. Try my very hardest to be present...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Evolution of a Morning: Lillie and Tadd.

Looking up. 


 Watching Dolthin (dolphin) documentary.

 Curly toes.

Baggy pants.

Watching Lillie watching birds. 

Watching birds. 

Baby in a box. 

Fixing baby's box bed. 

Up high. 


Organizing the children. 

Worried about dolphins biting porpoises. 

Evidence of a love day. 


Not sharing. 

Monkey toes. 

Me and baby. 



Lillie moving around Tadd and her baby doll. 

Baby legs. 

Tired mama and her chickens. 

Lillie looking grown. 

Pants on head. 

Pants on head, with sister. 

A specimen that rivals all specimens.

As you can see, the day unravels until pretty soon, someone's naked and the house is a mess. Didn't get too much done today but DID make dinner at least. I call that a success! 

Monday, February 06, 2012


Impatience bubbled out of my ears and flowed down my shoulders and I had to do something. We had been sick all weekend, Jake is out of town, we have spent days, weeks and months stuck inside, and I had to do something. So I put the girls in the bath like I typically do. Added hot water every 20 minutes and let them make a massive mess. I adjusted my attitude. And I got my camera and got my baby out of the bath, powdered, diapered her, jammies and hair combed.

I took just a few photos and forced myself to see the little things again. The things that make my eyes brim with happy tears. Tada's thin baby hair wet from the bath, combed behind her ears. That spot at Grace's dresser is always her first stop, posing her ponies just so. 20 months and she rocks imaginative play. Not necessarily with English, but still...

Full time parenting is enough to send one screaming for the hills. I roll up my sleeves to receive the 49 blows that gain me the 50th: a glimpse into bliss of the most beautiful, an endless space where our futures braid together with love.