Thursday, November 01, 2012


Ah, Halloween.

What I've learned as I've gotten older is that all holidays are fun, but stressful for the mother! I run a hundred miles on that Halloween treadmill, being reminded of costumes for weeks, sewing, buying, gluing, tying, dying... and on that blessed Halloween day when I realize they're all done and they all look great and they are smiling... it's then that I can enjoy it.

And I do. Ruby flew around the entire day. Truly, in her mind, she really was flying. Finally a Blue Mccaw, like she has wanted forever. And I'm glad she was happy because I could have written a novel in the time it took me to sew all that blue felt.

Lillie hardly sat with her feet apart all day. She wore that thing to Costco and she got a lot of welcomed attention. She did a preschool parade!!! that she was beaming for. "Wish Calloween was ezzzery day, Mama!"

Grace got her wish of a tie-dyed shirt that she will probably wear every other day now. As we have aged, kids really don't know what a hippie is. Surprising, since we live in California now. But really, she had to explain it to her friends. Tawdie spilled juice down that dress at about 5pm, and then wore some convoluted hodge-podge of dress up fluff and a fleece sweater. She dresses herself, that's for sure.

My days... they just go by like the commuter train, my hair blows with the breeze of bedtime, all of them tucked in, me wondering what really transpired since 7 a.m. Was I really here? Did I really do all that? Is that a to-do list I see off to my right? pretenditsnotthere!!

Grace turned the camera on me and Jake jumped in and planted this one:

And one of these, perfect silhouette:

And instagrams:


chanel said...

as always, you said it best.

and as our kids are almost exactly the same ages i find it so funny that my kids heights mimick yours, I thought my 9 year old was a giant OR that my 3 youngers must have stopped growing, but seeing your girls it made me feel better, these oldest girls must have gone/be going through some crazy growth spurt. crazy how that happens right before your eyes!

AWESOME costumes, well done!

Rebecca Smylie said...

Good job Sarie. Love the shot of you and jake

Rachel said...

Love it all. Halloween sounds like Christmas, though, so maybe give yourself a break next month. :)

Also, you're still at the beach. I miss the water.

Latisha said...

Great post, and the costumes look amazing!

Tom and Lou said...

love it.. those costumes are so fun. you guys are so freakin cute.

Jodi said...

You outdid yourself! The costumes are awesome. You are so talented!

Lotti said...

Beautiful photos, just gorgeous. Your children as so beautiful and growing up so much.

Anonymous said...

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