Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I always slip behind.

But today, today...

Lillie fell off the back of the couch and the wind left her lungs for a few moments. She tries so hard. She fights so hard. She's a tall tree, and so beautiful with her curly hair.

Tada is like cheesecake. She lets me, too, eat her up. She has saddlebag thighs and they are better than the statue of liberty. And she loves eating nannies (candies).

Ruby was so happy when I made the time to lie next to her in bed. I haven't been, and I missed it! She was giggly and kissy. I don't deserve that child.

Grace read her report to me. I told her to look to the left and to the right at the audience. She can't do that and read that the same time, I noticed. Her report is on Mozart. Grace is a "Beessull" little thing as Lillie would pronounce. (it means beautiful)

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Jenni of the Great Salt Lake said...

Just catching up. Always a pleasure :) Always life-affirming and kindly honest. Love.