Thursday, February 23, 2012

Evolution of a Holiday.

 Colors of the laundry.

 Paper bag puppets.

 Tadd having a quick nappy.

Playing well together for a minute. 

Lillie becoming one of the older girls. 

Ponies left all alone (at least they have each other). 

Sad about something. 

A pink milk fix. 

Perpetual mess. 

Beauty, 8 years old. 

Ruby reading in Lillie's bed. 4-girl separation/quiet time punishment for fighting. 

Punishment served, eventually earned Lego Star Wars time with young spectators. 

Lill's window hair. 

It's nice to have a photo documentary of a bit of our day on Monday. Will these girls look back on this time? Will they treasure it? Will they only have the memories they can't exactly remember, but they can only feel? I have some of those kind.

I come up for air and see all that I have. Recognize it, appreciate it. Squeeze in talks with each of them here and there. Try so hard to listen and put away my lists, my phone, my chores. Try my very hardest to be present...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture of Ruby reading--love love love it! All those beautiful pictures are Grace are so charming too! Those freckles! :)


chanel said...

and you do it WELL!
how many times have i thought about doing this only to realize it is already 11??? thanks for the continual inspiration.
and can i just say i want to live in your house! im a sneek and peek at that backgrounds in your picts and you seriously have the best HOME, it is so fun and cozy and pretty! hello that huge canvas in the girls' room is so super cool!!! you are awesome in every which way!