Thursday, January 26, 2012

How I spend my time.

Took some portraits of my little birds at the end of the couch... Time is not dependable. Time doesn't give back in a relationship where babies are concerned. Time is selfish. But I plod on.

I look at my girls today, and die at their beauty and individuality. They are everything to me and I hope they will always be everything to each other.

Gotta go- Tada's walking around the living room with poo in her diaper and both fists full of tortilla chips :)


Raelyn said...

Seriously....that third picture of Lil could have melted me. Can't believe how dark her hair is!

Rachel said...

I LOVE you and your girls. They are beautiful... they have gorgeous hair and their eyes are this amazing grey color... I love your blog and how talented you are... the pictures are beautiful as always... Love you!!

chanel said...

wow, i can see why you die every day! those expressions are too much.
love it.
best time spent ever.

Emily Allen said...

Sarah, you are an incredible photographer. You get the greatest shots that show their personalities and beauty and the focus is all theirs. You are so blessed to have four wonderful daughters. Lillie is growing up fast! And Matilda looks so much like you!

Luv ya,


Dena said...

What?! When did Lillie's hair get so dark and so long? Gosh, they're beautiful. And, I agree with Emily (above)...Tada looks so much like you.

Lillie said...

Are you kidding me with Lillie's hair? It grew like a foot! Your girls are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.