Thursday, January 05, 2012

Baby and I.

My friend Kate snapped these of me and my baby. Thanks Kate

It's a different feel now... being done with the baby thing and moving onto raising the ones I have. It's beautiful to see them all as a whole. As four girls, bouncing around together. Creating relationships, building trust, laughing together, getting in trouble together. It's art, it's mayhem... it's everything I ever wanted.

Evidence of my girls is everywhere. On the walls, rugs, beds, counters, bookshelves. They have their own special spots around our house where they store their precious little toys and notebooks and pieces of string. They are starting to create something that resembles individuality. As much as they can have in a little house with all these bodies.

They fight for independence. Especially Lillie and Tada. They want to do everything themselves. They fight and play together now. Tadi watches Lillie intently and tries so hard to communicate with her. Lillie doesn't mind and completely understands her and what she needs and wants. It's nice to see.

I am starting to turn into that annoying person in the supermarket that asks how old your newborn is, what her name is, and makes a few ridiculous sounds in a high-pitched voice. My youngest is a toddler and having my own bundle is only a memory now. So looking forward to the future with my girls.


Katrina said...

yay for blogging! this post is really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! I LOVE LOVED this stage of my life...I am still in it moving into the school age stage and making a transition again. I couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks for writing about it!

Jenni of the Great Salt Lake said...

Me too :) I'm that annoying person. But nestling into what is happening now. You know, your baby will always be younger than my baby though. So that means we need to get together more. Just saying.

chanel said...

is it awkward im bawling???

Lotti said...

This is a beautiful post. Such wonderful pictures that say so much about being a mum and loving it.

Kati said...

Love these pictures. So precious. You have beautiful babies.