Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas Holiday.

Opening the first few things.

Not afraid to get right up to her elbows.

Little Ruby and her favorite present: a binder with paper, dividers and sheet protectors.

Lillie with her "puppy hat".

Happy Ruby.

Grace furiously organized her gifts into sections and keeps scrupulous track of every single thing.

Broke her concentration from her motherly duties for 1.4 seconds.

I think this belongs in National Geographic or something.

Girls with new vests, Grace riding her new bike.

Off they go.

Swingin' with a beautiful profile.

Laughing out loud at that fun "swinging" feeling.

We had a lovely Christmas and weekend. I simultaneously feel very blessed and extremely fatigued! We spent Christmas with just us and our four babies. We were so excited on Christmas eve. Each of the gifts we passed between us, wrapped and talked about each of the girls' personalities. We talked about memories we had of past holidays when we were young and all the things our parents did for us. It's with great honor that we exercise similar traditions and excitement now with our own girls.

January is coming and as hard as it is here in Utah with the clouds and gloom, it's also a fun month. The calendar is pretty empty, there's no gift-buying scheduled, and I can hide in my house for days at a time undetected! Hooray!


Jenni of the Great Salt Lake said...

So cute, Sarah. Our house looked exactly the same. I have to remind myself to go outside though. These babies need a good swingin' on. I'm also looking forward to plain. Maybe some talking time. Love you.

Laura said...

I miss you guys!!! I have a card that says "The Smylies" on the outside that sadly looks at me everyday waiting to be delivered! Someday I will make it over & bring cookies with it, since it's so ridiculously late! I'm glad you had a great Christmas :)

Cathy said...

Loved the photos, loved your thought process. Thank you for opening up your life and heart for the rest of us.