Monday, December 19, 2011


It's not apparent here, but this baby girl is a total maniac. Lillie will skip into the living room with a shirt that she wants to wear in hand. Tada grabs ahold of the shirt like an american bulldog and doesn't let go. Even when Lillie pulls back with all her might, it only causes her little sister to hold on through the dragging and twisting and turning.

She's given up naps completely. She did about a month ago. There are many problems with this, including the fact that she walks around from 5-7pm like she's had a few too many. She runs straight into things. Or falls backwards for no reason. She really enjoys that euphoric overly fatigued feeling. Sometimes she even walks around the house with her eyes closed. The older girls are quick to save her life... Thanks, girls.

She is the most precious thing and gives the juiciest kisses.

'Night, Tadd, sweet dreams. See you at 7 when you wake me up with a face slap.


Lotti said...

Oh that is so wonderful,she sounds like the one in a million child. Very funny, but gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha I love this story! The no nap thing majorly sucks for you but it makes the story that much better.. :)

chanel said...

oh my goodness. i just laughed so hard! funny!!!

Lara said...

LOL..... my 2 yr old is so much this way!! I laughed and laughed and laughed... Thanks!! lol Cutie pa-tootie