Sunday, November 20, 2011

My forever baby.

She kills me with Rad. Runs me over with loveliness. I lie in the street, wounded, and in the distance her waddle is barely visible in the trail of dust and bodies she leaves behind. Beautiful, funny, spunky. She truly has it all. My forever baby. And she gives delicious kisses.

Winter is setting in. Today was a dreary day, the air so heavy with white and gray. We found things to do, even in our little shoebox by the canyon. Girls were restless. When they get like that I have them make lists. Advent calendar lists. Positive/negative lists. Lists about January. Math, happiness and improvement lists. And then I put them in my "keep these papers forever" basket on the dryer.

I cross my fingers that this day will be one they put in their quiver of normal days. The ones they draw on when they are older and gone. When they think back with lazy nostalgia on what life was all about with two crazy parents and too many sisters to count.

I hope these little ones that make me a complete person will carry this feeling with them. Of love and chaos, laughter and gratitude...

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Beautiful post. I've been drawing a lot on those 'normal' days of my childhood lately. College does that to a girl. Your daughters will appreciate those days so much.