Monday, November 14, 2011

By Morning's Light.

Lillie woke me up around midnight. I had just fallen asleep and was shooting off into outerspace when she came to the side of my bed. I made out her silhouette speaking to me, muttering about pee, since we let her sleep without a diaper for the first time. I got up using the momentum of my stiff legs. With the guidance of walls and doorways through the darkness, I put a few towels down on her bed, changed her clothes and put her back to bed. She came back into my bed within minutes for lonely snuggles.

Around 4:30 I heard it again. Her lying next to me, muttering about pee. I hopped up this time to feel my shirt was wet. All over my bed and all over her. Ugh. My muscles tightened and I did the whole sequence again. I came back from washing my hands and nearly stumbled over Ruby who had just walked out into the dark hallway. "I peed my pants". Um, what? Lillie, Ruby and I, standing in the hallway, a long pause while I tried to understand if this was my reality. It was. So I took care of Ruby the same way I had taken care of Lillie. I tucked her tiny body back into bed and Lillie and I went back to my bed together.

Just another day in paradise.

But look what I have! LOOK! A baby with bedhead, in a diaper, with a plump lower lip, digging through the trash. She makes my mornings delicious.


Jeni said...

She is your little "mini me." It's like looking into your little eyes 30 years ago.

chanel said...

you make me laugh.
life is good.
and good for you to record and celebrate your reality- cause it rules.

Diana said...

Very sweet. (At least it was pee and not vomit!)

Jennifer said...

Oh my! I would have predicted the Lillie peeing in your bed part, but Ruby too? That's the icing on the cake.

You are very blessed with 4 beautiful girls. I guess with all those blessings there has to be a little "fun" involved too.