Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday Photos.

Jake and his girls, always, always, surrounding him.

Ruby and Lillie played outside yesterday. They spread fruity pebbles all over the cement. I want to remember forever the way their voices sounded. Lillie's lisp mixed with Ruby's "mom voice" pretending Lillie had the flu and Ruby was her mom, caring for her. Ruby made her a bed, supplied a water bottle and a plate (for puke) and lots of pillows. A book in case she got bored, and some cereal (as you can see). They played like that for two hours!

Lillie gets it now. She doesn't push so hard against them. She wants to connect to her world in a different way.

We were driving home yesterday at around 6 pm. All the girls were crying. As we drove up the hill to our neighborhood, they all had tears rolling down their faces for different reasons. Talking didn't help, music didn't help, they just kept on spewing madness. Emotional little girls. They were upset, things are unfair in their lives! They don't get enough! They are deprived! Jake and I were laughing so hard we could hardly breathe...


Megan said...

I feel so sorry for your deprived little girls---Poor things.


Kate said...

Oh the hormones! I love raising girls though, don't you? I mean they are magical little chicks.

How much do I love that Grace is reading a book in the middle of all that crazy. Atta girl!

Missy said...

Oh man...we have two crying at the same time and I can't help but laugh (most of the time). I can only imagine 4!