Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sunday Photos.

It's nothing but pure craziness in my house, but it's also fun, riotous living. Every day is another round of bombs.

Tada is a teaser. This is a talent she has developed in the last several months. She teases Lillie relentlessly and it is not very well received (ex: drips juice on her, closes the door on her, takes her chips and runs away, takes her toys and runs away). And if someone teases Lillie, screaming ensues and my quality of life is compromised. So not cool, Tada!

Lillie is liking her time when the girls are in school to be my little friend. She puts an exclamation point on my day, whether or not I need one!

Grace is the same as always. Averaging some good days, some teenage-esque attitude and some brilliance. She's highly organized and lets me hold her like a baby whenever possible, complete with thumb-sucking.

Ruby is one big beating heart. She lives and dies for love and bursts with love notes and affection.

Here is her latest pair of notes for me:

I am constantly amazed at these human-gifts I share my life with. Here goes another week!


chanel said...

love the picture with all the frowns- too funny!

and these notes are the GREATEST! What a lucky mama!!

Missy said...

I have to say that our two firsts sound much like each other. I'm dying at that note though. Where does she learn the language of her loving never breaking for you? I'm obsessed!

Bart and Michelle said...

Those notes kill me!! Are you sure she's only in 1st grade?!? Unbelievable!!

Megan said...

I love to party with you too. When can we hang out?

Cher said...

love those cute notes!