Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday Photo.

Caught them after they went out to the mudpit first thing in the morning. I love how you can sense their level of self-awareness through their body language. Grace has a pretty standard way. Ruby has a creative idea of the way she wants to portray herself. In some of the other photos she was extremely dramatic in the way she was posed. Lillie has very little idea of the way that smile actually looks :) And Tada is not aware in the least.

This weekend we had planned to drive up the canyon to snowbird to check out the activities up there. So we grabbed some lunch, during which Lillie had the biggest scream-down tantrum of her life. Sometimes I find myself in those situations, sitting at booth, Lillie screaming her head off and all the other girl around me and I am at a loss. My mind a blank slate. I glance around at other people as if to ask "does anyone..... anyone... know what I should do.... in this situation..... anyone?".

Jake came to the rescue this time and took her out to the car. When they came back Lillie was still upset. We got through lunch and drove down the road toward the canyon and all I really wanted was to get Lillie safely in her own home, with things she could do, things she could watch and play with and help her be happy. Her comfortable little bubble. So home we went.

Sometimes you just have to give up on your plans and [you tell yourself] it's ok.

I am taking a 3-week CNA class that started last night and I think it'll effect my time and motivation for blogging... we'll see!

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Hillary said...

Hey girl, I must've missed the epic scream down when I ran into you. My little one was doing some screaming of his own. It's hard when you want to get out and make memories and they make it so hard! Sigh, some days you just have to give in. Your girls are adorable.