Friday, October 14, 2011

Grace and more.

She came home from school yesterday and there was something magic about her. I couldn't stop staring at her. I took a photo, and she changed into a different shirt, and I took a few more. My children are just that, mine. The familiarity of their faces, the "I'm coming home" factor, just blows me away. I've seen them, every day, for YEARS.

Every bit of them is chemically mine, is physically mine. Connected to me in unexplainable ways. The smell of their hair, the constellations of freckles I've memorized, the shape of their collarbones.... everything evokes so much emotion and love. These children. They are so precious.


Lotti said...

Beautiful blog ..... I always love your photos. My gosh your daughter is growing up so much .

Jennifer said...

A friend of mine had her baby yesterday and commented on how she never could understand how you could love someone you just met...until now.

Love this.

LeDoux said...

Gorgeous! Love that gracie girl!