Monday, September 26, 2011

Twins, babies, marriage.

Above: Hannah carrying her twins in the Moby wrap.

I love my baby twins! Whenever Hannah brings them over I start talking in a high-pitched voice and generally don't stop. They're just so adorable and very new still. They move and sound and sleep like newborns!

A friend and I were talking today as we watched our four children (each) run around the children's museum at the Gateway. We both felt done. I never thought the desire for another baby would wane, or fade, or ever be gone. I didn't think it possible. But it has faded substantially. Of course, the curiosity of what another one of mine would be like is still there, but my arms do not hunger like they used to. I love babies still, every last inch of them. It has taken a long time to get here, but I feel good. I feel full. I feel used up, in a good way.

Meanwhile, my sister is going out of her mind trying to manage her household going from one child to having three! I'm glad I have room in my arms to help out when I can!

I saw this picture on Jake's computer today:

He and I. He asked me if I remembered who we used to be "back then". I started crying... Yes, yes, of course I remember. We have come so many miles and been through so much together since then. The change and the growth and the joy and the pain is almost too much to think about. What a great life this is. And I'm so glad I can share it with him.


LuCDay said...

I love that picture. I knew that girl! How cute!

Hannah said...

What a great post. You two have been through a lot together, you are right this is a great life. And going out of my mind? Some days, but I am pleasantly surprised at how I have been able to manage:) But yeah, some days, I am going out of my mind! Thanks for the photos, they are fabulous!

Jennifer said...

I love the photos. You look great Sarah! I love how one boy is staring at Ruby and the other looks like he is laughing at Grace! So cute. Makes me want one (just one!lol ), but I'm good...for now.

The picture of you and Jake is awesome. So young (not that you are old now). It's always fun to let students try to guess your age. :P One insisted I was 59. The one that said I was 23 got a j/k. :)

Baby Coffee said...

I had the moby wrap, and I always would stare at the example of the twins, and think, there is NO WAY that can really be done! And there it is...

Kate said...

Oh my gosh, are you and Jake like 7 in that picture? HOLY CRAP! Babies!

And your sister's twins are amazing. I love how she carries them both in the wrap.