Monday, September 19, 2011

Afternoon Hiking.

Seasons are changing: leaves, air, sunrise. 

We heard the mountain cup its mouth and shout our name, so we started walking.

The little chickens fell in the stream with their clothes on and hiked back down in their undies. No one around seemed to mind. They smiled and kept their thoughts to themselves.

There is something about taking all my babies and husband by the hand and walking into a canyon. We create a temporary world for ourselves there sitting on those unfamiliar rocks by the lake, listening to the earth breathing in and out.

Change brings me both comfort and fear. A blank canvas stretching out into our future. And with it comes so much responsibility.

But here we are, under the same roof, hearts beating imperceptibly under our quilts. Trying and failing and having a few successes along the way... Changing, growing and enjoying ourselves immensely.

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Kati said...

What a perfect family afternoon. You guys are seriously the cutest.