Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Photos.

The drive down to Orem:

The Utah Medleys, minus Miriam and Aaron:

We drove down to Orem to see some of my family today. My mom's still in town staying with Hannah and helping out with the twins.

Grace starts 3rd grade tomorrow and I'm having a heart attack thinking about it. I've filled out paperwork, her backpack and lunch are sitting on my counter... and I'm in total denial. I mean, it needs to happen, the girls need to go back and learn the things I really don't have the motivation to teach them :) But really, it is sad to realize our summer is ending. Ruby goes into 1st grade on Tuesday. Double Ugh.

Let's face it. The early mornings are what's going to kill me...


chanel said...

it is so hard! you get so use to having them around ALL.THE.LIVE. LONG.DAY and then poof- the world wants them back. i cried after 3rd grade drop off (ours was last week), it is something about those first-borns that makes everything new they do so hard. it goes so fast!
be brave.
hug them lil ones and be glad they're still home! ;)

LuCDay said...

So are Naomi and her hubby Utah Medleys now? Cute pix. So jealous you and Grace went to see Sara B. together. What fun!

{Erica} said...

Good luck to you and yours with school starting. Can you believe it?!

Your girls are so beautiful. The freckles and the delicious cheeks and lips. Such beauties!

I have really been enjoying your pictures that you've been taking for clients. They are spot on!

Have a great first day...

Jennifer said...

Tell me about it! SO hard to leave on that 1st day. I saw children dragging in to school. Some not so excited and they had no clue their teachers felt the same way...just with a fake smile. :P

That 1st week is SO exhausting...for everyone. Glad it's over.