Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday Photos.

Hannah had her twins! The c-section went great and I was able to be in the OR to photograph. They are beautiful and she named them Brody and McKay. They were 5'13" and 6'14". I will post some photos this week! 

A Sunday afternoon on the swings

The music of my life is slow, emphatic, while the wind always blows their hair. Then the day's gone, the city gets quiet and little girls sleep. The dark comes and reminds me that good days always end. I shiver, but what can I do about time? Change it, stop it? Can't. I can only watch as it plods on at a maniacal pace, jeering at me over its ridiculous shoulder. I cling to it because I only want to hang on, to experience everything with tears streaming and this unshakable, regretful panic. I wouldn't be a mother without it.

To others, we're just another anthill, just another family, trying to make something of ourselves. But to me, TO ME, my life is a fountain of unbridled love and building castles and flying through the sky. It's a pool of emotion so deep my head squirms under the mass. There's electrical currents and unearthly tides. It's the earnestness in their eyes. I can't look away, I can see a million years in them.

To my girls, my family. You are so, so, so important to me. Let's spread this love around the world forever.


Kati said...

Such beautiful words. Expresses the way I feel so often. Wishing I could freeze this moment, forever. I love those kind of days.

Melissa said...

So happy for hannah! glad all went well!! sounds like a couple of good sized boys!! Love the names and McKay is close to Maccoy so love that! Twins are wonderful wish I could have another set would do it again in a heartbeat!! Of course your post is beautiful as always your words and pictures and beautiful girls keep me coming back daily!!
Have a wonderful day!

Lindsey said...

Thats big for twins!! How great! Glad to know everything went so well!

Kristie said...

Glad to hear that your sister's delivery went well and that the boys are a healthy weight. Now the fun starts.

chanel said...

again, thank you for putting "it" into words! sometimes i forget to breathe when I read you writing my feelings!

and many congrats to your sister- they look PERFECT, absolutely perfect!! adorable.