Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First day of first grade.


Yesterday was your first day of first grade. I texted daddy, "Dropped Ruby off on her first day. That girl has magical powers over me". It is true, Ruby, you are a magical girl.

I sent you to school with blisters on your hands from the monkey bars at the park, scrapes on your knees, a bandaid on your toe and a mild black eye. You are a monkey baby. Won't you stop swinging from trees and ropes and couches?

After school you said, "Grace sat behind me at lunch. Not to the right, not to the left, DIRECTLY behind me. And also I made two new friends. Hannah and Olivia. Olivia just asked if I wanted to be friends and I just said yes and that was it. And we got two recesses! And I had to go to the bathroom during recess and when I came back out my class already went in the building so I went up to the first grade door and banged on it and then my teacher saw me and let me in and asked if there was anyone else out there with me and I said no. And I ate some of my lunch, I'll tell you what I ate..."

Ruby I miss the days when you drew me a paper that said "I never want to go to school again because I will cry and I will say, Mommy come back!"

I miss you, Ruby, there is no one that can fill my arms and throw their little limbs around me like you can. You linger there, your face against mine, your fingers lightly touching my hair and usually we both make an audible, "mmm".

There is no paradigm I know of or have ever experienced that can summate or contain my love for you. And that is that. See you soon.


Lisa said...

Its so hard to send them away for so long. I feel like I hardly get to be a mom anymore to Caleb :(

kristen said...

she is just so beautiful! i love her little face.