Thursday, August 11, 2011

Few from when Rachel was here.

This one of Tada taken by Rachel.

Rache and I grew up as close as any sisters could be. And when she comes to visit, my heart usually explodes. So here I am, trying to pick up the pieces of an exploded heart. It's not that easy. 

It's fun to see freckles on my adult siblings. When we were born my mom must have said to us one by one, "take some freckles and pass 'em down!". I definitely helped myself.

Me and Lillie on a summer day, taken by Rachel.


Lisa said...

What a fun and exciting time for your family and sisters! Love the birth pics!

Caitlin Rose said...

I think you are my favorite photographer. Seriously. You capture simple yet beautiful moments. I love it!

p,s.-I wish I had your families freckles :)


Rebecca Smylie said...

I've been hearing tales of how big tad a is. These pics confirmed it. Wow! Miss you