Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lillie's Birthday Photos.

Lollipop on the beach, 3 years old. Tutu and hair feathers by Aunt Liza.

Cake and a few presents with the ultra-wide angle lens. The distortion is hard to control...

Loves that "Ninna". And the binky she found under Ninna's bed.

The emotion lies deep inside me, at my most cellular level. More than anything else, it's an instinct. Simply a reaction to your strength, your vigor, your burning bonfire. It gets me. When I see your birthday photos, your beautiful face turning three, almost as if in slow motion, I break down. I can't speak. My jaw clenches tight as your beauty possesses the uneven blue of my eyes.

I can't edit photos of my fantastic specimen that is you, on the beach in a yummy swimsuit, with that smile and that hair without completely losing it. My eyes sting as David Gray and Meiko and Ray LaMontagne sing me and you a little closer to one another.

I'll love you forever and ever and ever. 'Til time gets bored and turns into something else entirely.


kristen said...

ahhh....she is SUCH a beauty!!!! Love all the pictures!!!! ((((hugs)))

Lillie said...

Oh my gosh-- it happened! She is so not your baby. I don't know when her hair grew like 4 inches but she looks like such a big girl. That black and white toward-ish the bottom where she's looking dead on with her closed-mouth smile ---- gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Jenni of the Great Salt Lake said...

I love these, Sarah. I was just thinking how amazing it will be for these people to be so documented, so studied and beloved. It will be so wound up in their being that they will take it for granted. Until they don't.