Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The snow melted from yesterday's storm and another one's coming tomorrow night.

Ruby's swing? Seriously? Or a hammock or whatever it is...

And Matilda's eyes locked on me wherever I go.

Grace sucks her thumb.

And Lillie exercises her independence and self-reliance every second of every minute.


Ash said...

Man! I can't wait to see, kiss, hug and laugh with those beautiful girls!!!

Only 58 more days! ; )

Jennifer said...

I love this picture. I love how you captured the personality of each one. They are all so unique. :)

Ethan can't keep his eyes off me either. When I'm home it's all Momma all the time. I think he's trying to soak in as much as possible before I go to work again. I can't wait for summer!

Missy said...

This picture is beautiful Sarah. One of my favorites. So rich and crisp and tender.

SandraD said...

I love this picture of Grace. Maceo doesn't suck his thumb much anymore but there are those moments, when habit comes knocking. I don't like what it has done to his teeth, but man he's still my baby.