Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fresh from the bath.

My baby. Having one of these in the house makes me SO happy. Just look at her skin. Her back. The smoothness of her arms. Her funny baby hair. The way her fingers point. Her double chin. I love that little curve right above her shoulders, right before the back of her head rounds back out into the air. She is the best piece of real estate in the country.

There's a great deal of self-consciousness that happens when your own body transforms into something lumpy, not resembling anything it used to before you had your babies.... but that all disappears when I look at my baby. Nothing matters except the way her eyelashes kiss the sky as she looks up at me. Those blue crystals searching my face, registering love and affection that doesn't recognize our beauty parameters. She sees only her mama. The love of her life. I'm happy to be her.


Georgia said...

oh sarah... you write so beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh. . . you have captured magic, that unlimited love a mother has a for a child. We've all felt it, but you've managed to document it. . .


I never know exactly how to comment since I don't have a google account or a blog--so I click anonymous and leave my name. Not so anonymous :)

Dena said...

You know you're stunningly beautiful, right? You HAVE to know that. Absolutely, positively, most definitely, without a doubt, shock to the heart gorgeous.

...that babe that's holding you with her eyes is pretty amazing, too. Her skin is like the smoothest, creamiest, yummiest glass of milk ever poured into a glass.