Monday, March 21, 2011

Chris and Jouni.

Hello. How was your weekend?

Ours was really good. On Sunday we went to see Jake's aunt Chris and uncle Jouni in the MTC. They're leaving on an LDS mission to Finland. Jake has a lot of extended family who live in Australia and this is his aunt and uncle who met me and our children for the first time! It was so nice to see them!! (And I know it's not the best picture of us, but it was taken by a freshly-turned-19-missionary, so whatever...)

My parents are also in town to see my new nephew Finn and so my Dad and I took a quick trip to Rexburg to see my sister Naomi play a symphony concert. It was fantastic!

I'm back home and getting my bearings.

I'm going through a period of time in my life where I'm looking inward. To myself and my family. I'm getting rid of the superfluous and time-gobbling things...  It makes it more difficult to find the motivation to blog. But the reason I blog is for my children and so I am still here! :)

When I was in California, my parents gave me a journal they kept about me when I was little. There were only about 20 entries in it. I hung on every word I read as we drove down the windy redwood highway. And that made me think how valuable these records are for our children. How it's like looking through a window to their younger selves. I'm committed to giving them this same gift, and expanding on it with photos and daily gems.


And please, Spring, if you can hear me, COME!!!!!!


Ash said...

So jealous!!! We LOVE Chris and Jouni!!!

Anonymous said...


i cried as i read this post! seeing Aunty Chris and Uncle Jouni on your blog was a gift and so surreal :) i LOVE them alot and it really made me sad to miss out on farewelling them as we now live in Perth. THANKS so much for keeping up this blog, it makes me feeler closer to our wonderful family!

Love Georgia xxx

Anonymous said...

When I saw the title of your post you don't the excitement! I miss Mum and Dad like crazy and am looooving skype a lot these days! Was so nice to see that they are getting some Smylie family love over there ... They are gonna be amazing missionaries!! love ya Sarie

Amelia said...

I'm so glad you got to meet my Mum & Dad. I'm missing them already, but I'm sure they'll make fantastic missionaries!
XO Amelia

Kristie said...

It was a little surreal seeing them in your photos. How fantastic that you got to meet them, they are amazing people with big hearts. I see you guys got some Cadbury Favourites....YUM.

LuCDay said...

Ooooh, now you're making me feel guilty! I do keep a journal still and a photo album though.....I'm good right?

Lisa said...

I have been going through a similar process in my life. With everything that happened with my Mom I got a rare perspective of what really matters in those final moments before leaving this world. Maybe its going home that brings our thoughts inward. Either way I am happy for you and hope that your journey leaves you happier and with more peace.

Blogs can be so time consuming but I like that they help give me a good baseline for what I am focusing on. They help me see the beautiful in the sometimes mundane.
My blog also helps me sort through my thoughts. As I organize them to be read somehow it gives me a little bit of an objective perspective.

One day your girls will cherish the collections and memories you have created! You're an amazing Mom and woman - I count myself lucky to call you friend!

sharry said...

again...trying not to be jealous.
again...failing miserably.

as always, love you all.

Jessiesmylieyahoo,com said...


Anonymous said...

Soooo very special to see you with Chris and Jounie. Sooo very jealous and so very happy that you got to meet with them. They are a very special couple. This is such an adventure they are on. They will be very effective missionaries. Love seeing your family too. xoxoxxo Dinah