Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Photo.

There are hints of spring. Today was a sunny day where the sun was actually WARM on our backs. It's cruel, really, because real spring is still far away.

Man, parenting is tough. And not just because my house is filled with chaos and emotions. It's because I look at each of the faces in this photo and it would take me years to compile the list of all the things I want for them!

They are the world's most precious gems. Realizing their magnificence is like watching a meteor shower night after night.

What wonderful people they are turning out to be.


Raelyn said...

That is a great picture. Darling!

Dee said...

This should be subtitled 'This is how we roll'.
I am constantly amazed that children of the same two parents can be sooo different and think this can't be controlled by genes and then remember that it's not. I then rejoice in how I knew these guys before and how I will know them after.

Emily said...

My favorite sunday picture yet!