Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Day

I cannot ever put into words how I feel about you, Jake.

I would write you a love poem if I could. But then they'd just make fun of us, wouldn't they?

I'll say this. There has never, and there never will be, anyone I love more than you. You are the beginning, the end, and all the in-between. You're my super-crazy best friend and I love you times a thousand.


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Jenni of the Great Salt Lake said...

They may laugh- but let them laugh. . .

It's like dancing in front of people; you know you don't have the moves, but secretly, inside your house, you dance with your girls, right? You want to teach your girls how to not be self-conscious, to dance whenever and wherever they feel like it. Or write a poem.

I'm just saying. Just a little pep talk for you/me.

I have always liked Jake myself. He is like those balls of electricity, exiting to watch dance around the room. You don't even have to touch him, just be near him, for his electric lines to follow you through space.

Lucky, lucky people you are.

Love ya.