Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Dryer.

Things I remember from today...

--Lollipop (our newest, most favorite nickname for Lollie/Lillie) has been getting a bit better. Less screaming, more smiling and talking. I love it!

--It snowed last night and today was clean and crunchy and cold!

--I was so happy to see Jake at 6pm. I get so so happy when I know he's coming home to me.

--I had a long conversation with a friend. She's amazing. You know those friends, that when you talk, time stands still? You cross continents and knock down walls, all in a conversation between two moms.

--Grace moved up a level in gymnastics and did excellent today in her new class!

--Ruby's tiny fingers played with my hair and I wanted it to last forever.

--More of Tada's top teeth are almost all through the gums (mama's starting to wean). She's switching to one nap, too, which makes our evenings a little "awkward" and "fussy" and "so totally chaotic".

--Another day's gone by, just like that, and tomorrow always comes much too early...

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