Tuesday, January 25, 2011


These two are so much alike...

Very particular. Easy to anger. Possessive. Headstrong. Determined. Memories like a vice. Not too good at bedtime.

In other news, today was an ordinary day. What do I remember? Lillie didn't scream too much. Every time we arrived home from a school pickup or errand, she wanted to be naked. She stripped down and got her swimsuit out of her drawer and wore it most of the day. 

Grace practiced the piano. She's so musical. She told us that she sees music in art, in color. When she sees blue, she hears classical music. I really love her brain.

Ruby drew a picture for me and wrote, "My Mama..." "I wish I can be with you all day and that you can be with me all day too". She wrote on the front, "[look at this] every day win I'm at school". She asks me every day when she gets home if I looked at my card. Always, always, I say yes.

Matilda. If there were words to describe... even with sleep deprivation from that little piece of bone pushing through her top gums, she is a joy and a pleasure. Funny how much more I appreciate her baby-ness when many have come before.

Jake helped me with some things tonight. He made the funniest jokes. That laughter, the one where I close my eyes and tip my head back... it feels so good. I think it's going to be a really good week.

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Missy said...

That Ruby. She is my kind of girl:)