Thursday, January 27, 2011

All you need.

Thank you for the comments and compliments, for the site feedback, for the emails, facebook posts, facebook likes and blog posts. Thank you for all the support! I am beyond humbled. This project has been working its way out of me for a long, long time and I finally came to a point in my life where I could make it work. So, thank you.

Speaking of work... I am constantly amazed how our men work so hard... how we can marry them as young twenty-somethings, not knowing exactly what they signed up for. I doubt that Jake fully realized that someday, ten years later, he will work at the office until 8, getting tacos on the way home, and five minutes after he kisses his daughters' little heads goodnight, he'll set up his workstation at the teeny kitchen table.

Eyes stinging and cheerios crunching under his feet, he writes trucking schedules and orders materials. He feels the pressure and meets it head-on. He's the un-sung hero to four little girls who will one day believe, with all their hearts, that their daddy can do no wrong.

Life is tougher than we expected. But we have each other and we have our girls. Healthy, strong and thriving.

Long ago, Jake told me this song was ours... and I've loved it ever since.


Missy said...

oh how similar our lives appear right now. I need to get a photo like that of Devin (or myself) shows emotion and strength and combined with your words, I feel like I can do hard things too!

you are an inspiration Sarah. I hope My Matilda explodes for you.

Missy said...

(In a good way: explodes because I know how amazing and treasured those photos will be for the women who get them).

Lori said...

So many thoughts as I look at this picture of Jake. Cute Jake that used to bring my kids gum and hang out at their birthday parties. Thoughts that I think I will keep to myself. Just know that I think that, as difficult as it is to keep perspective at this time of life, you both seem to understand what is important and seem to stay focused on that.
I checked out your new site. You have such a gift. The images you captured are so beautiful and telling. You are brave and creative and an inspiration to me. Good luck.