Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Do you ever find yourself in a predicament? And ask yourself, how did I get here?

Today I found myself in Les Schwab Tire repair waiting area with several other men wearing Carthart jackets. Ruby was laying under the coffee table with one shoe on and one shoe off and her head resting on her sweater. Lillie was laying down on the ground by my feet, she was barefoot, with Matilda's blanket around her. Chewing a piece of popcorn she had thrown on the ground a few minutes earlier.

I just held Matilda and watched NFL Primetime.

I gave up and let it all happen.


Laura said...

Call me next time! I've been in that predicament before & it's yucky! I totally owe you anyway :) I haven't forgotten-

The Hones said...

let it all happen...as you should have. no use pretending we're not someone else, sarah. screw the world and it's expectations of perfection!!

Team Bowers said...

Crap I hate days like that! Thank goodness for purell and baths!

Celeste said...

What else can you do :)

sharry said...

sometimes you just have to go with it...no matter what the flow is!

Missy said...

It's all you can do but give in at those moments.

(Oh tire centers, I'm sorry! They are stinky and gross).