Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday Photo

Just a quick one before church. There is a shadow on Grace's face which I hate, but I love everything else about it. They're such a wild bunch... and my heart breaks for each one of them for a different reason.

I remember what used to happen when I had the upcoming holiday week off of school. I would sleep in, go to work (where I was highly appreciated and rewarded monetarily), grab some Wendy's, stop off at Barnes N Noble and read a bit of a novel. Put it back on the shelf, grab some hot chocolate and what else?? Maybe go to a movie?

Oh mama, those days are gone. These chicks don't sleep in when they have a week off of school. What would be the point of that? And even if they did... errands (mostly the kind where you get out of the car) are out of the question.

But look at 'em. What's not to love?

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