Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday, Snow, and Sunday Photo.

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I roasted my first turkey and hosted my family here, so I hardly took any photos... But don't worry, I made time to make sure I wasn't hungry... all day long. Not even for a second.
My sister in law slicing an onion for part of the meal. 

The way I love to see my couch. Full of people talking and laughing (and eating and drinking). My space is small, but my family doesn't mind!

The beautiful pie that Lynn made.

What the women in our family do at every gathering. Hang out in the kitchen, talk about the mysteries of the world and nibble. The best conversations happen in the kitchen!

My sister in law Lynn cooking giblets in preparation for the stuffing. 

Today's Sunday Photo.

It hasn't stopped snowing since... well, since sometime during my intermittent sleep last night. It snowed all night, all morning, all day... this photo was taken at 4pm, as Jake shoveled the driveway. Now, an hour or so later, the driveway looks un-shoveled again because of all the snow fall. Tada snuck out for a few seconds just for the photo, but the other three stayed out long enough to get a chill burn on their cheeks.

And after the driveway's done, what comes next? Front-yard sledding courtesy of Daddy.


sharry said...

could this picture get anymore norman rockwell with that lamp light with it's yellow hue?!

i took a blanket to church today. it was in the mid 50's when we left the house - by arizona standard that's cold! i feel so wimpy looking at these pictures. darn! my thin, arizona blood!!!

love you all...

Levi Smylie said...

Your first turkey! So grown up you are. Adelaide saw these pics and said she wants to go snow with cousins. Wish I cold have been in on some of those kitchen conversations.

Levi Smylie said...

That was me, not Levi--R

jaredmedley said...

I love all the pictures, I'm so glad everything work out so well for Thanksgiving, I had a blast. Although I look a little disgusted cooking, it was good though:)

Birdie's Pics said...

some fun!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go front yard sledding!!!

Kirst said...

I love these pictures, but especially the onion pic. I love how a small moment like cutting an onion can become such a momentous occasion. Awesome!