Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Photos-- the original gangsters.

I so appreciated the comments on my last -complaint session- post. Thank you so much for the support. You didn't have to respond, but you did. Thanks!

I think this set of photos should have a hard-core hip hop soundtrack. Some old school 1992 Snoop Dogg.

They really do fit the description of hard criminals. Their crimes are minor, yes, but they carry not a speck of remorse. They feign guilt, but mama knows the truth: Bunch-a thugs.

Matilda is five months old. And she weighs 18 lbs 6 oz. Seriously, what? She's the size of a 10 month old!

And look at Lillie's neat set of grimaces and Ruby's gang signs. See what I mean? THUGS.


Dee said...

Love them. I love to see how older sib carry the little ones. A little bit of Coolio old school.
I look at your Lilly and my heart goes out to her. You and Ingrid should totally talk sometime you guys probably have a lot in common.

Ash said...

I love that you do Sunday pictures! I'm such a slacker with my blog, but I love that I can count on seeing your 4 beautiful girls at least every Monday morning! Love you guys! Miss you BIG TIME!!!

Missy said...

The facial expressions of Lillie are my very favorite. And I really love that Matilda looks a bit more like Grace. Like you have two and two that match, but they all have a LOOK.