Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sunday Photos

These photos are grainy, I took them at dusk right after their bath and right before I sent them to bed. Lillie's got binkies and a bottle, Ruby's got a bruise on her forehead, Grace is loving her matching pajamas and Matilda looks like she's 9 months old.

As for Jake, I didn't know where life would lead us when we got married. We were only kids, with lofty dreams and all the freedom in the world. There's been twists and free falls. There's been heaven and something in between. I didn't know how I could love him more than I did the day we were married in the Oakland temple, me a little lightweight in my wedding dress I bought at the mall. He wearing a tux and all smiles. We held our breath.

And here we stand. These baby girls forever wedged in between us. Physically and emotionally. We hardly talk about anything else. Our barrels are full of them. And our reserves are empty. Being their parents takes everything we have and everything we will have.

But I have him. He is my home and rock and thunderclap and hot shower. My throat tightens as I look that this photo. I couldn't have married a man who would love my daughters more than he does.

No matter what he does, no matter what he says, I will forever love him for that. I know what I have and I try not to take it for granted.


Jodi said...

Beautifully said Sarah! I cannot believe it is cold enough for footie pjs already! Oh how I wish Florida had more distinct seasons. Enjoy it for me, will ya?

The Hones said...

We were looking at older pictures of the girls and I can't believe what big girls they are now. Time goes by so fast.
Thanks for always being so candid, Sarah, I love that you share those special feelings with us.
All my love to you all.

Sharry said...

i love his huge protective hand placed squarely on ruby's chest, his other on grace's waist; they speak volumes about the love he has for his girls.

love and miss you all.

The Wright Crew said...

Too cute. Makella has "kung fu panda" pjs just like those. I always think she's crazy that she wants to wear them in the heat of the summer! Whatever girly... as long as she's happy right :)