Thursday, September 09, 2010

Me and them.

The girls had a piano recital this afternoon.

Ruby played her piece, "Magic of the World" and then second, "Magic of the World Ever Seen".

Grace performed, "Magic" and "Katie loves her kittens".

Great pieces, all of them. Really great emotion and dynamics.

They bowed, that was the best part.

Lillie's piece, "I paaaayyy daaat" was also followed by the Most Adorable Bow of Any Wild Two-Year-Old.

As an aside,

Ruby brushed her teeth with peanut butter yesterday.


ingrid said...

That totally just reminded me of the Peter Coombes song "mr clicketty cane". I'm sure Jake would still remember it from his childhood, every south aussie knows it :)

The Hones said...

I absolutely love it. What we all would have given to play our own pieces at our piano recitals.

Cher said...

ha ha, love the titles of their songs.

Lindsey said...

Love it!

Dinah said...

Very precious, only difference with an Aussie kid and an American kid, Ruby would have been brushing her teeth with Vegemite!!!!!

Jennifer said...

I bet they were awesome too. Such wonderful composers/pianist at such a young age!

Peanut butter. That's funny. :)

Amy said...

Has Ruby recently read "Do's and Don'ts" by Todd Parr? If so, you might want to keep an eye on her. She may try some other crazy stunts like putting her food in her hair, wearing underwear on her head, or eating a monkey's bananas (if there was one around.) Just a heads up.