Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just Stuff

-- Ruby loves that Tada Mae so much.

-- So now that Lillie is potty trained, next on the agenda is taking away the binky. Probably will never happen. She sucks on that piece of plastic like a bag of m&m's at midnight.

-- The girls just started gymnastics at a serious gym. I sit in the waiting area and watch (with Lillie and the babe). I simply cannot hang with these moms. They are dressed to the NINES. I am not. I feel like little Tim from Christmas Carol.

-- I took the girls swimming at the rec center last night. There is a soap opera going on over at that place with all those teenage lifeguards. There's always some drama going down. A little flirt or a sideways glance. I overhear some pretty interesting stuff. They don't care about chubby, pasty white moms. They know we're completely harmless. If I hear them talk about how cute so-and-so is or what chick didn't show up for work, who the heck am I going to tell?

The little one in swim diapers, that's who.

-- I've lived here for 9 months now and apparently there's been a WinCo Foods store near me all that time. Oh, the pain I feel having found out that truth, and all the money I could have been saving! Hannah and I went there together. With our five kids. It was as ridiculous as it sounds. Speaking of Hannah, she just finished a cycling relay race from Salt Lake to St. George. She is incredible and tough and does it all while halfway through nursing school.

-- My sister Miriam is 39 weeks pregnant today. I felt her tummy, closed my eyes and pictured my niece all curled up inside there, her tiny warm body taking it day by day, making her new parents wait. She'll be such a beauty. I dreamed about her a few weeks ago. She looks like her mama.


Missy said...

gymnastics! we are doing it too. I love it...and I know what you mean about hanging out behind the window!

Your sister + that golden sunset is dreamy. Adding another girl to the mix? I love it.

The Hones said...

you teach those mama's a lesson and keep being who you are sarah. i feel for their children who will never have a normal upbringing. You know that the way YOU dress at THEIR gymnastic class is far less important than the fun they're having and the confidence they're gaining.
thanks for my highlight in your touched me in my tender state!

Lisa said...

Beckham will take the binkie away for you :)

Hannah said...

I loved this post, thanks for the honorable mention of my race too, you always make me feel like a superstar:) I am so glad you are not one of "those" moms that you see at the gym. Seriously. I mean, seriously. Which one of THOSE moms would have braved Winco with all those kiddos. And we had so much fun doing it!!

StrykerLOVE said...

i love reading your blog - you are a MAMA - I am SO GLAD you are not the kind of mom dressed to the nines - who wants to be like them?!!

ausellebelle said...

Haha, I have only just begun mothering and if I am not at work I am in some kind of sweat pants and a top that is 4 sizes too big for me. When I become stay at home mum I dread to what extreme of grossness I will leave the house in.Don't worry I would totally hang with you at the gym. :)