Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Florida.

...A few more that I got a chance to import today.

Papa and Matilda
Ali's Birthday
Kid's treasure hunt
All 12 grandkids

My favorite though-- is this last one. A few of us talking and laughing our guts off the planet. Steve was telling a story about when an Irish stewardess noticed he didn't listen to her speech about the safety features of the airplane and she marched over and reprimanded him. Steve was born in Ireland, and knows how to throw the accent around just so... he had us all dying laughing.


Lillie said...

I'm SO glad you're home. I've missed you. And like always, I have this overwhelming desire to be a Smylie after looking through all of these photos... and your mother in law... I never get over her stylish white hair and home etc... such an artist. that lady.

ingrid said...

my favourite thing about those photos.... Uncle Stephen & Auntie Donna seem to be holding Matilda every chance they have & who could blame them...

Anonymous said...

#5 Sibling

The last one was my heart breaker....I just want to be sitting around laughing with you guys. But the other ones are great and the children are all growing fast in number and age. Give my love to all Aunty Shelley xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Sharry said...

i love that reef is the big boy and got to hold the baby.
i just love it all.