Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Till was looking gorgeous in her white onesie today. Her skin was all hot and loveable so I took her outside with me and we watered the garden together. She blinked the entire time, I don't think she could see a thing because it was so sunny.

But I had my new baby and we tended the garden. Picked a few of this and a few of that.

I talked to her in Super-Nonsense like I usually do. Something like,

"Wanna do duh gahden which yuh maaaamaaa?"

She didn't respond.

I kissed her between the peppers and the tomatoes.

Thought about the earth and birth.

Glanced over to my other girls eating popsicles in the grass on a quilt that Jake's mother made when she was around my age.

Things are just right today.


Cher said...

seriously loved this post.
and, about coupons. i'd say: cut the coupons and keep them with you, but if you forget to use them, or the item isn't something you already wanted to buy, don't worty. let it go. don't feel pressure.

Amy said...

Sigh. Life really is marvelous, isn't it? The sun, the earth, and the miracles that are our children. I had such a great time visiting with you last week, Sarah. You are such an amazing person. In just those few short hours we spent together, I feel like you helped me open my eyes to the beautiful reality of my life. I just see things differently. And it's wonderful. Thank you for that.