Monday, July 05, 2010

A record.

Hiking on the 5th of July (otherwise known as walking through the mountains in flip flops).

So something exciting happened on Friday. I received the blog book that I ordered from Blurb. It was the entire year of 2009, in a book. Printed. Bound. 220 pages. All of my journaling on this blog, coupled with my photos posted... in a book. Did I mention it was printed and bound? With a line at the bottom of each page that says the day of the week, the time, the date and the year it was posted. I am SO GLAD I live in this century. The century of blogging where I can journal all of the little things about my life and my children's lives.

I love this method of journaling. I love it because it works for me. It's easy. As easy as it can possibly get!

Looking at the book and all my time and work I put into it over the past year, I know it was worth every minute. My life, our lives, recorded.

I got this quote from a blog of a woman (Amy Jackson) who passed away recently of cancer. Her story breaks my heart. She wrote this:

KEEP A JOURNAL. Over the past few years, I have had a nagging feeling that I need to be writing in a journal and keeping a personal history for my children. Unfortunately, I refused to heed this prompting, and now I am left wondering how many things I might have been able to share with my children over the past few years that are now feelings and thoughts that may be difficult or even impossible to recall and write. I have wondered what will my children remember about me? What advice would I like to leave for them? What experiences would I like to share with them? And what memories and history will they be able to share with their children about me? Unfortunately it is impossible to know how much time I will have to compile such a life's history. My time is too short. Life is too short. I may never be able share all of the things that I might have shared if I had written in a journal on a regular basis. Keep a journal... Write in it often... Share your personal thoughts and feelings... don't procrastinate... and above all else always show your family how much you love them. You never know when your life may be turned upside down in a flash.


Team Bowers said...

That is so awesome! I am so excited for you and your printed journal! That's why I keep my blog and Amy is SO right! I have a journal for each of my kids where I jot down little experiences or funny things they say and I write a letter to them on their Birthday. It's something I am so passionate about and life is too short and there is no way we could remember everything. Our kids will treasure these words and pictures forever! You are amazing!

Cher said...

i printed mine thru blurb too. i love it!
also, i love the quote from amy. that IS heart breaking, but a good reminder too.

Laura said...

Oh thank you- the bishop asked me to speak in sacrament today on the importance of remembering our ancestors. Ahhh! Great quote to start.

Laura said...

Oh thank you- the bishop asked me to speak in sacrament today on the importance of remembering our ancestors. Ahhh! Great quote to start.

kristen said...

Love your family picture!!!! SO excited for you to have your blog you can see what we all know, you are unbelievably talented in your writing and photography Sarah!!!! Although I know it is all about preserving for your family....the other is true are awesome!!!xoxoxo

Missy said...

this quote really, I don't know, just made me want to collect every minute of today in writing.

vicky said...

When I finally come to see you, can I look at your book? I want to do one but want to look first. I am hoping it will be very soon!