Monday, June 07, 2010

They're free.

- Had such a great weekend.
- My childhood friend Laurel came down for a couple of days. Left her own family in Idaho to come see us. I loved my time with her!
- My fourth baby got a memo in heaven-- "be extra good for your mama". She is so content. Beyond good. Best baby I've ever had or ever seen. Never, ever complains.
- Grace wanted to get her ears pierced. We went to the mall. She chickened out. I couldn't get her to calm down, it was one of the most traumatic things her and I have ever been through. I don't know what I could have done differently. I still can barely talk about it. We'll wait awhile before we try that again.
- My husband can fix things. He gets his little drill and tools out and just fixes things. I will never, ever take that for granted.
- Lillie is back in a crib. After almost two months (or maybe more) in a big girl bed, she is back in a crib. And it is the best thing that ever happened to me. My nights are free again. Starting at 8pm instead of 10. My LIFE has changed. You may think I'm exaggerating but I assure you, I am not! I am a new person.

:::::::News of all news:::::: Grace is out of school for the summer! Bring on the icee pops and the toe jam!  I love my girls. I love them the most when they're free. As they get older, I do realize that a little structure is a must. In the form of a few morning chores, personal cleanliness and some individual summer goals.

Girls can spend much of the day playing outside together or making horrid messes with toys and art supplies. They can always join me in my tasks, which mainly consist of a)staring at the baby and b)staring at the baby.


Jennifer said...

Yay! I'm glad Matilda is so good for you. You deserve it after Lillie (at least from what I gather). :)

I hope Grace forgets or feels better about the ears piercing trauma.

Definitely don't take Jake fixing things for granted. My Dad is like that...always fixing things. :)

Yay for Summer!!

Jodi said...

There is just something about summertime that is mesmerizing! I love it too! Enjoy every minute because soon we will all be blogging about the first day of school.

Lillie said...

I notice tv is not on your list. Tell me how you do it. Your summers are hot like mine right? It gets too hot to play outside unless we have planned a swim date-- and I'm not the best planner… and I feel like we've gone through EVERY craft and activity in like an hour some days…. ughh...

Lillie said...

Oh and Mila is still in her crib and will stay there until she is climbing out and making thud noises with her head. Maybe just a little longer than that…. I love cribs… :)

And SOOO glad Matilda is angel-baby… every 4th baby should be.

Ash said...

I wish you were spending those summer days with US!!!

At least we'll get 10 days of summer together!!!