Monday, June 21, 2010


Jake's Father's day was nice and relaxing. We decided not to give each other gifts for Father's and Mother's day anymore. Special treatment and zero responsibilities that day as well as homemade cards from the kids and home cooked meals. That's what the day will now consist of. It all started with a realization that I don't want to get stuck home the day before Mother's day, babysitting the kids, while he's out shopping for something that I don't necessarily need. It's just so commercialized. Besides, it gives me a little more "wiggle room" when out shopping for myself another day. But shhhhhhhh!

It does make for the most relaxing day. No pressure of gift-giving, and me making sure he can really take a break (which is actually way more work than just handing him a present!!).

Also, there are about a thousand photos of Jake sleeping with the kids. I need to learn something from this...

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Alisa said...

A few years ago I started a "DAD Book." Every Father's Day the kids get to make a special entry. It takes the place of cards or gifts and John loves it. I agree, the simple things are the most meaningful.

LOVE the photo. I miss that stage already.